Terms and conditions - Selfie Nail & Beauty Bar North London
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Terms and conditions


By booking an appointment via email, over the phone, through text and Whatsapp messaging, and any social media or other channel with Selfie beauty bar, you agree to adhere to the following terms & conditions:
• To always, book an appointment prior to coming to the salon as NO WALK-INS ARE ACCEPTED
• Notifications of not less than 48 hours must be made if changes in booking times and cancelation of appointments are required.
• Penalties will be imposed for:
– Not showing up for booked appointments
– Arriving extremely late for an appointment
– Failure to give the required 48-hour notice for rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment

For eyelash/eyebrow treatments, the following terms and conditions apply:

• Since a sensitivity patch test for eyelash and eyebrow treatments is offered to all new clients, clients are requested to avail themselves any time before their scheduled date or come to the salon at least 2 hours before the start of treatment.
• Selfie nail & beauty will not take responsibility for clients who forget to come in for the sensitivity patch test.
• However, if you do not wish to have the sensitivity patch test done, then you will be required to sign a waiver to release the therapist from any liability in the event of an allergic reaction.
*(Note: you will most likely not be allergic to the products we use at Selfie beauty bar if in the past you had a perm, eyelash glue and hair dye done, and you did not experience any allergic reaction).
• We strongly advise that if you are aware of any ingredient you are allergic to kindly email us prior to your appointment date.

For touch-ups, the following terms and conditions apply:

• The first touch-up after your initial semi-permanent make-up appointment is complimentary, but not compulsory.
• We do not offer partial refunds if you don’t attend or don’t wish to get your touch-up done.
• Touch-ups must be done within 8 weeks after your first appointment.
• It is the client’s responsibility to book the touch-up appointment in ample time within the 8-week period.
• Failure to book the appointment on time will result in £50 penalty.
• We do not offer free touch-ups from 5pm during the week or on the weekends as these time slots are reserved for new clients only.
• If you do not CANCEL your touch-up appointment within 48 hours prior to your booking date, a penalty of £50 will be imposed when you come for your next touch-up.
• Complimentary touch-up sessions must be booked in advance.
• Since semi-permanent make-up is not suitable for everyone, we do not guarantee successful results for all clients and especially those with skin problems.
• We do not offer refunds in the event of poor results after semi-permanent make-up treatment.

Contraindications for lashes:

• Any allergic reactions which are followed by hypersensibility of eyes during the treatment (for example, a seasonal allergy, watery and sensitive eyes, Bells Palsy or any condition that makes closing eyes difficult).
• Any disease causing shaking, twitching or erratic movement of the eyes.
• Chemotherapy Treatments done 6 months prior to the appointment date (medication for chemotherapy may cause a reaction to the materials used for eyelash extensions).
• People who have undergone Blephoroplasty must wait 6 months post-operation for medical consent as after Blephoroplasty, eyes may have sensitivity to eyelash extensions and products used for prepping the eye area like glues and gel pads.
• Weak, thin eyelashes (to improve your eyelash thickness we recommend lash grow enhancement products, then you can come in for review after 2 months)

Contraindications for Microblading or Semi-Permanent make-up

  • • We will not tolerate any rude or aggressive behaviour towards our staff or any of our clients within the salon.
    • We don’t mind children in our salon however, we ask parents to be mindful of them, and also avoid bringing children to the salon during busy hours. This condition applies especially to those who carry children in buggies, as buggies pose a health and safety risk for other clients.
    • If clients have any health issues, they must notify a member of staff before their treatment date.
    • We will not carry out any treatments to those whom we deem not suitable for treatments that is those who pose a health & safety risk or those who we believe are under age for treatments (under 15).
    • A one-off payment will be expected after every treatment.
    • We have the right to refuse service to anyone.