Classic Eyelashes vs Volume Eyelashes | Selfie Nail & Beauty Bar
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What is the difference between classic eyelashes and volume eyelashes?

Classic eyelashes are applied through a method where 1 lash extension is glued to 1 natural lash. This method is also known as 1 to 1 or 1:1. Classic lashes are perfect for clients who already have a lot of lashes, but want to add more length. The do not add more volume and are not suitable for clients with sparse eyelashes.

Volume eyelashes (2-7D) lashes are achieved through a method where multiple lashes are applied to one single natural eyelash. This method ensures one natural eyelash is individually isolated using very thin lashes. If two eyelash extensions are applied to one natural lash it’s described as 2D, if 3 eyelash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash then it’s described as 3D and so on.

This method is also known as Russian volume. The lash extensions used in this method are significantly thinner. Usually, a 0.07 diameter lash extension is used, which is much smaller than the lash extensions used for the classic lash method.

Volume lashes are lighter, fluffier and give the client a fuller look. They are perfect for clients who don’t have a lot of lashes, have sparse lashes, bald spots or just want a more dramatic look without having to use a thicker lash.

What eyelashes do you use?

– The highest quality lightweight and natural looking silk (or sometimes called mink) eyelashes.

We don’t use real mink lashes because:
– It is unethical because the animals are crammed in cages hence living a miserable life and then later they are skinned alive.
– Mink fur is naturally straight. Lashes made from it will not keep a curl.
– Mink fur lashes can be frizzy after wetting — they do not have the natural oil that makes it so slick and smooth.
– Mink fur pieces are not all the same in length, thickness, sheen, color, or texture, making for very messy lash extensions.
– Because they are made from real animal hair, it is common for clients to be allergic to them.

Why are your eyelashes so expensive? I saw other salons only charge £20 for “volume lashes” and only take 30minutes to do. Why should I pay that much?

– Most salons claim to do “volume eyelashes” but end up doing “cluster premade eyelashes” which are glued to your skin causing irritation and skin damage. Please have a look at the picture below of a client that thought she is getting “volume eyelashes” but instead got “cluster premade eyelashes”.
It takes many hours of practice to be able to create a little fan, which is individually wrapped around your eyelash when applying Russian eyelashes.
Do you Spot the difference?

Do eyelash extensions feel heavy?

– No, they do not. We know how to apply enough extension lashes depending on the amount of natural lashes each client has.

Are eyelash extensions gonna ruin my natural eyelashes?

– If applied correctly, they are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes.
– Caveat: Do not to rub your eyes, tug, or pull on the extensions because this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes.
– If lashes are applied properly that is to each individual lash, they won’t fall out.
– We always advise our clients to take a “break” from lash extensions every few months.

I really want to get eyelash extensions, but I don’t want them to look “dramatic” what shall I book?

– We always recommend getting Russian volume eyelash extensions, as they are much lighter and healthier.
– When you come for your appointment, we will discuss what length, type or thickness you’d like to get and which lashes are most suitable for you. So don’t worry!

Is having eyelash extensions painful? Will eyelash extensions irritate my eyes?

– Not if they are applied properly. The eyelash extensions are applied directly to the eyelash, so there is no contact with the skin. It may feel a little unusual the first time, but once you get used to it, it should be comfortable.
– People with extremely sensitive eyes and sinus problems may get some watering and slight stinging at the end.
– We always recommend a sensitivity patch test for people with extremely sensitive eyes.


• Come for you appointment with no eye make-up on. If you are leaving from work and have any eye make-up (mascara, eyeliner), our salon has a restroom where you can wash your eyelashes with a cleanser before coming into the treatment room.
• If you can, please do not drink coffee before your appointment as caffeine tends to make your eyelashes “flicker” and it therefore makes it harder for us to apply eyelash extensions on them.
• If you are coming in for the first time and you have some questions or you are unsure of the type of eyelashes we use, kindly ensure you reach our salon 5-10minutes before to fill in our consultation sheets and speak to one of our specialists.
• If you have any allergies or have very sensitive eyes please come for a patch test anytime during working hours, which should be 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment.
• Please bring your contact lenses case with you and remove them before your treatment begins.
• Wash your hair on the day or night before as you should keep the area around your eye dry for at least 24 hours.

After Care

• Use oil-free eye makeup remover and cotton buds to remove your eye-makeup (for example Simple). We do not recommend using wipes for eyes.
• Use a pencil eyeliner rather than liquid/gel as it is harder to remove.
• Please pay special attention to your lash line when removing makeup (cotton buds are recommended).
• Brush lashes with a mascara wand to keep them neat.
• Gently wash your lashes every day (we recommend you use baby shampoo Johnsons or any gentle cleanser).
• Schedule your appointment every 2-3weeks.
• You should get a new set every 3rd-4th appointment.
• Enjoy your beautiful new lashes!

• Get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after application.
• Use any sunbeds for 48 hours after application.
• Use saunas, Jacuzzis or come in contact with hot steam for 48 hours after application.
• Avoid going to the gym/working out for 48 hours after application.
• EVER use mascara on your lashes.
• Use any oil-based products around eye area.
• Perm or curl your lashes with a mechanical curler (they can damage your lashes).
• Pull, pick, or rub your lashes.
• Use a sleeping mask or sleep face down.
• Never attempt to remove your lash extensions yourself – they must be professionally removed. We will remove your eyelashes for only £15.
• Forget your regular infills!